Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects an estimated 14 to 15 million Americans. Asthma causes the airways to become inflamed and extremely sensitive. The inflammation and hyper responsiveness (sensitivity to irritants) can be triggered by many things such as the common cold or exposure to allergens like pollen, pets and smoke.


Home Medical Equipment for Asthma Patients

Most equipment required by a person with asthma focuses on the delivery of medications, such as home nebulizers and inhaler spacers. Other equipment may include a peak flow meter, which is used to help measure one's ability to blow air out quickly. In some very severe cases, oxygen therapy in the home may be required. It is also possible for asthma, if is not effectively treated, to progress to the point that the body's general state of debilitation would necessitate other types of assistive devices such as a walker or bath safety products.