Diabetes - Type II

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism - the way our bodies turn food into energy. As we eat, food enters the bloodstream as sugars or glucose and becomes the main source of fuel for the body. In order for glucose to enter cells, insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas) must be present. Normally, when we eat the pancreas automatically produces the right amount of insulin. In people who have diabetes, the pancreas produces too little or no insulin, or the cells aren't able to utilize the insulin appropriately. Glucose builds up in the blood and then passes out of the body in the urine. The body is unable to use its main source of fuel.

Home Medical Equipment for Diabetes Patients

The supplies needed by people with diabetes include disposable syringes, alcohol swabs, blood glucose monitors and lancet devices. These items are extremely important to an individual contending with this disease. People who have suffered complication of diabetes may also require a cane, a walker, crutches, orthopedic shoes or a wheelchair. Some people with diabetes may also benefit from the use of toileting and bath safety aids.