Lung cancer is a disease in which abnormal or cancerous cells grow in the lungs. The cancer cells often form tumors that replace and destroy healthy tissue in the lungs. The tumors and cancer cells destroy or prevent the normal lung's cells and often inhibit the body's ability to absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Because the lungs have an extensive network of blood and lymph vessels, it is common for the cancerous cells in the lung to spread and invade other parts of the body (this is known as metastasis).

Home Medical Equipment fo Lung Cancer Patients

From the time of diagnosis to the time of death, a person who suffers from lung cancer is likely to need an assortment of home medical equipment. Fatigue is common as the amount of oxygen absorbed diminishes. Since even minimal exercise may be exhausting, initially the patient may need a scooter to negotiate long distances, then perhaps a wheelchair.

Later, as the disease progresses, bath and toilet equipment will help with self-care and later this equipment will make it easier for caregivers. Ultimately, the patient may need oxygen therapy at home and a hospital bed to facilitate transfers. Nutrition support, including food supplements and feeding pumps, may be necessary. In some cases, home intravenous drugs may be provided, often to deliver the chemotherapies and sometimes just to provide pain medication.

Lung Cancer